Jon “Jon Paul” Hunt

Jon began his career as a collector since he was old enough to walk. Growing up, it would be common to see Jon pulling the wiring out of a distressed chandelier with his bare hands, restoring an antique headboard that had been tossed out by the neighbors, or even searching for his first crystal decanter or piece of Lalique. Since the beginning, Jon was on a path to open the doors of one of the most successful antique stores in the Mid-West.

Jon searches every day for the finest and most unusual things the city of St. Louis has to offer. He prides himself in only bringing items to the shop that are of great quality, and in good condition. As Jon would say, “I wouldn’t want something broken or beat up in my house.” This philosophy has allowed Jon Paul Designs to excel, and has made the shop a destination for people from all over the country.

With the help of the finest people around, Jon and our family at Jon Paul Designs hope that we can make a small difference in your life and your home, one piece at a time.

The Shop

Jon Paul Designs is located at 1047 S. Big Bend Blvd in Richmond Heights, Missouri. It’s quite easy to spot all of our crystal chandeliers lit up in the large display window day and night. The shop was started in 1993 and was previously at the corner of Big Bend and Clayton Rd until January 2018.

Never is there a shortage of fine lighting, furniture, art and collectibles for anyone’s tastes and budget. The staff at Jon Paul’s can also make repairs to most anything of yours in a timely manner. We do accept items on a consignment on case-by-case bases.

And as always, “All the prices are negotiable!”